Diatomaceous Earth & its benefits to your animals. What is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth? Quite simply, fossilised shells of single cell phytoplankton (ground river plants), that under a microscope look like coral & are extremely hard and sharp. It is 89-95% amorphous silica & has been used for parasite control (external & internal), heavy metal toxin elimination & arthritis. Used on horses, all farmstock (including swine), poultry & aviary birds, small animals such as rabbits etc, Cats, dogs & humans. It is rare to find an animal product that is human grade, & we have used it ourselves many times, so we understand, first hand, how our animals feel when feeding the product. Beware! Only use 100% food grade DE, as saltwater (chrystalised silica) DE is toxic to humans & animals. The DE that we stock has been exported out of the US to over 30 countries for over 40 years. When used for Internal Parasite control. Food grade DE is not a chemical poison but a natural method of eliminating parasites by dehydrating them, so there is no potential to develop resistence. When the parasite comes into contact with it, it cuts the parasite with the effectiveness of walking or sliding over broken glass & resulting in death by dehydration. How to use DE for internal parasites It takes 7days to eliminate roundworms, whipworms, pinworms & hookworms. We suggest feeding daily for 30 days, to break the cycle, as DE does not kill eggs. Tapeworm requires adequate amounts (more is better than not enough) for at least 30 to 45 days & 90 days for Lungworm. If you do not have the desired worm count after this period, increase the dose, as Food Grade DE has no known side effects from over consumption. Remember that parasites have to come into contact with it for it to work. DE is safe to be offered to livestock & horses free choice but if this is not possible then the following guidelines may be useful. Recommended Daily Feed Rate guide: Kittens -1/2 – 1 tsp , Cats – 1 – 2tsp , Puppies under 5kg 2 tsp , Puppies 5-9kg 2tsp , Dogs 10 – 25kg 1 – 1 ½ tsp , Dogs 25kg + 2 Tblsp, Dogs 45kg + 3-4 Tblsp , Horses 1 – 2 cups , Ponies ½ cup , Goats/ sheep ¼ cup , Chickens 5% of feed ration, Cattle 1-2 cups , Calves 4tbsp – ½ cup, Hogs ¼ - 1/2 cup , Alpaca/Llama ½ cup. When used for External parasites. Effective on Fleas, Lice, Mites ( including redmite) & Ticks apply a medium dusting on the animal & any bedding or stables over the month twice a week to break the cycle. Remember that the parasite needs to come into contact with the DE powder for the sharp edges of the DE to cut through the parasite exo skeleton. When fed regularly, DE is active as it passes through the body & remains active in the manure, so this works for helping keep the fly population down & does not harm earthworms in the soil. (Also effective on ants, whitefly, fruitflies, blowflies, caterpillar, cockroaches, snails, slugs, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, aphids, borer, codling moth & many others not mentioned here). Remember that DE will kill beneficial insects so don’t apply it where the Bees etc go. How to use DE for external parasites. Spread liberally in stables, sheds, pens, kennels, coups & anywhere including floats, hay storage areas, milking sheds where insect control is required. Reapply when changing animal bedding to reduce the ability of insects to breed. For Horses, dust the main & tail & any covers that may harbour parasites. Dust your pets or livestock with DE twice weekly to eliminate fleas, mites, lice & other insects living on your pet & rub it in toward the skin (remember that if your fleas etc are crawling along the skin rather than on the top of the fur, then the DE needs to be where the crawlies are). Dairy Cow owners put DE in sacks, so that they can rub up against it & apply DE themselves, this could be useful for pig owners too. Apply to kitty litter to help with odours & fly control. For Scaley leg mite on poultry, mix DE with vaseline & apply to the leg area. For Red Mite, dust & rub into housing, perches & nests. Re-apply a week later to catch new hatchlings. When used for detoxification. Food Grade DE has a negative chemical charge & binds to toxic metals & eliminates them from the body. Its elemental make-up can also can help with ecoli, bacteria & viruses etc. To benefit from the high silica content. The high levels of silica in DE is an effective organ, connective tissue, hoof, skin, hair, nails, coat & eggshell improver as explained below. Just add to feed or give on its own as most animal owners find that it is very palatable & have no trouble with feeding it to their animals. To benefit for improved health. DE contains trace minerals & is extremely high in silica supplying your animals with this mineral (essential for organ & connective tissue elasticity) & has the ability to eliminate heavy metals from our body with its negative electrical charge by attracting & binding heavy metals. Not only will hair, hooves, nails & skin improve but other health improvements such as a decrease in mastitis, scours, arthritis, viruses( including polio virus) & bacteria. Scientific literature has reported DE to adsorb e-coli, endotoxins & pesticide residues. DE is a digestive aid by cleaning the digestive passages by breaking mucus deposits paving the way to, assist in bowel related disorders, weight gain by improving digestion & feed conversion & a colon cleanser. It has also proven to reduce stress, & many horse owners have reported it a calming agent. Contains 15 trace minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus, selenium & more. With horses fed aprox 100g -140g of DE mixed in with feed twice daily, the following results were observed. Stopped scours even on horses that had not responded to other medications. Noticeable fly reduction & manure odour. Showed an increase in appetites & increased weight gain due to better feed conversion. Elimination of any internal parasites & healthier appearances. The Only way to know conclusively if your pet has a higher than suggested level of worms is to have a faecal count done. You may not need to worm at all. Many animal owners who use natural methods of parasite control find that their animals are healthier & rarely in excess of worms. The recommendations for the use of chemical wormers are a stringent regime that start as early as 2 & 4 weeks of a new pets age. Many of puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, & 8 wks of age & even with rotating wormers, many may still have high burdens of worms. Even your chemical wormer manufacturer understands that, & this is because the worms develop immunity just as viruses adapt to anti-biotics. By the nature of what DE is, there is no chemical side effect for your pet & no possibility of parasite resistence to as it works due to it’s physical make-up, vs chemical make-up. Summary • No withholding period for eggs, meat, fruit & vegetables intended for human consumption • Safe for pregnant or lactating females. • Safe to use if unsure of a parasite problem as is completely non toxic. • Parasites don’t build up immunity as they do with chemical alternatives. • Reduces overall animal stress. • Significantly reduces fly loads, fleas ,mites, lice, ticks etc. • Reduces manure odour. • Improves health & growth of young animals. • Improves digestion & mineral utilisation resulting in requiring less feeding overall. • Detoxing of heavy metals, e-coli, bacteria, viruses etc. • 15 trace minerals. • Improved Skin, coat, hooves, joints & Shell strength. • Improved Milk production & decreased Mastitis & scours. • Decreased mortality & sickness. • Farmers in the US have been able to eliminate Vaccines & antibiotics since using DE as a regular part of their health care. • Biogro Certified livestock or crop businesses. Biogro certification #BG5339 Cautionary notes. Introduce slowly as you would anything new introduced in the diet. Only use Food grade DE for animal/human use. The Agricultural crystalised silica non food grade version is toxic. Lungs are designed for air, so please do not breathe the DE powder in or get in the eyes. Please also apply this caution to your pets & apply upwind of it. The information we have provided is to provide the reader with our research & observations so as to allow the reader to make their own informed decision. This is in no way medical advise.


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