Weston Rabbit Pellets 25kg bag

Weston Rabbit Pellets 25kg bag

A Lucerne based pellet adapted to all stages of growing rabbits' lives. Does not contain any Coccidiostat.

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Purpose: A balanced formulation of protein, energy and fibre ingredients, designed for feeding to growing stock, pregnant does and adult rabbits.

Nutrition Values:

Features and Benefits:

  • Ingredients are carefully selected to give the correct intake of protein, amino acids, energy, fibre, minerals and vitamins.
  • Weston Animal Nutrition Rabbit Pellets are formulated to maximise the performance of either meat or fur production systems, but also suited for feeding to pet rabbits.
  • Ingredients selected from: wheat, wheat-by products, lucerne meal, soya, molasses, lime, ebonite, minerals and vitamins, lysine, methionine and salt.

Feeding recommendations:

  • Always ensure quality roughage is made available to assist in the prevention of digestive upsets.
  • Clean freshwater should be available at all times.

Available in 10kg or 25kgbags.

Notice: This feed must not be fed to sheep, cattle, deer, alpacas, goats or any other ruminant animals.




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