Diatomaceous Earth 1Kg

Diatomaceous Earth 1Kg

You don't have to choose because D/E does it all. D/E works in a purely physical manner,not chemical and has no chemical toxicity.Best yet parasites don't build up an immunity to it so rotation of wormers is unnecessary & while you are deworming, you are also improving the health of all pet or livestocks DIGESTIVE SYSTEM.

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Diatomaceous earth (D/E) is the remains of microscopic one-celled plants called diatoms that lived in the ocean. D/E is mined ,milled and processed into a variety of uses. Food grade D/E is used for internal worming and external parasite control for insects on both animals and plant life. D/E will not harm earthworms so is excellent for use in the garden.

D/E works in a purely physical manner, not chemical, and thus has no chemical toxicity. Best yet, parasites don't build up a tolerance or immunity to its chemical reaction so rotation of wormers is unnecessary.

Available in 100g, 500gm, 5kg and 22 kg bags.

Feacal Egg count results are available if required.