Pet Deli Performance Mince 1kg

Pet Deli Performance Mince 1kg
100% NATURAL, PRESERVATIVE AND GRAIN FREE, Pet Deli Performance Mince is suitable for Dogs & Cats of all lifestages & full of energy & goodness for feeding mothers.

Ingredients: Beef, Veal, Chicken, Heart, Tripe,Egg,Vitamins & Minerals & Green Lip Mussel.

Developed by a NZ Hollistic Vet.

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A raw meat diet is the diet that Dogs & Cats Evolved on. Fats are essential in the health of these animals, but it is the wrong type of fats that cause may health & weight issues, along with higher than required levels of Carbohydrates.

The visible difference in their health, happiness and well-being & seeing how much better the dogs lived on a natural diet, is why many raw meat feeding families continue to feed raw.

Dogs and cats love eating raw meat. They also love how good it is for them.

Chicken: Human grade quality chicken that’s ideal for animals of all life stages. Beef: Rich source of iron raised and farmed in New Zealand. Veal: Non-allergenic, high quality milk fed meat. Tripe: Superfood for dogs. Rich in prebiotics and nutritional values not found in normal meat protein. Sunflower Oil: Balances the ratios of linoleic acid (Omega 6) with rich amounts of Omega 3. Coconut Oil: Has great natural properties for coat and skin health plus helps irritated skin. Kelp: A natural source of iodine for a healthy thyroid gland. Himalayan Rock Salt: Contains 83 trace elements and minerals to supplement modern feeding. Vitamins & Minerals: All natural vitamins and minerals to replace what is lacking in our soil types and therefore herbivore diets. Green Lip Mussel: A rich source of Omegas that makes for strong bones and joints. Potentiated Whole Fruit & Herbs: Added to replicate the diet of what your pet would eat if it hunted itself.


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