Pet Deli Venison & Heart Mince 1kg

Pet Deli Venison & Heart Mince 1kg
For Cats & Dogs, Venison is the only red meat with poultry quality protein and heart is an excellent source of taurine. Cats Love it !!!

The Pet Deli Range was developed by a NZ Hollistic Vet with long time experience in Raw feeding.

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$ NZ 11.99 tax incl.

A raw meat diet is the diet that Dogs & Cats Evolved on. Fats are essential in the health of these animals, but it is the wrong type of fats that cause may health & weight issues, along with higher than required levels of Carbohydrates.

The visible difference in their health, happiness and well-being & seeing how much better the dogs lived on a natural diet, is why many raw meat feeding families continue to feed raw.

Dogs and cats love eating raw meat. They also love how good it is for them.