Ziwipeak Daily Cat Cuisine Rabbit & Lamb 185g

Ziwipeak Daily Cat Cuisine Rabbit & Lamb  185g
Rabbit is a natural prey for cats. They’re very abundant in the wild South Island of New Zealand. So, our rabbit meat and organs are free-range wild-caught rabbits in the South Island mountain and lake country.

As rabbit’s naturally very lean, we’ve carefully blended it with lamb to give your pet the right balance of protein and fat as a daily diet.

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It’s processed in export-quality facilities under the control of the New Zealand Government Ministry of Agriculture.

ZiwiPeak moist Rabbit and Lamb is particularly suitable for:

Cats that have suffered from allergic reactions to other protein sources, grains or other meats.

Cats that require a stricter weight control programme.

Cats that suffer from restricted mobility or who have joint issues.

Cats that suffer from digestion issues.

Cats that suffer from Renal issues such as; chronic renal failure, urinary crystals, kidney failure, pancreatitis, IBS & IBD.

Bone in Rabbit and Lamb Can Cuisine

May contain small pieces of bone (up to 0.19 inch or 5mm)


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