Hygain Fibre Essentials 20kg

Hygain Fibre Essentials 20kg
Super fibres providing an enhanced level of digestibility, feeding rates can be reduced by a third in volume when compared to chaff.

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® also features reduced sugar levels and a balanced Calcium to Phosphorous ratio.

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® is easy to feed as, no soaking is required, and will provide superior conditioning.

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HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® is a revolutionary fibre source suitable for all equines. The guaranteed uniform nutritional values make HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® your first choice for fibre.

FIBRESSENTIAL®is a blend of the following ingredients:

Beet pulp, Lupin hulls, Soya bean hulls and Calcium Carbonate.

Crude Protein 10 %

Calcium 1%

Crude Fat 2%

Phosphorus 0.4 %

Max Crude Fibre 35%

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can be fed as a complete chaff and partial hay replacer, encouraging natural foraging behaviour. The use of chaff is not required.

Fed as a supplemental fibre source when fed with premixed feeds and hay.

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can be fed as an addition to your horse’s premixed feed/grains and roughage.

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can also be used as a top dressing to encourage intake of less palatable feeds.

Fed as a supplemental fibre source when fed with hay

HYGAIN® FIBRESSENTIAL® can be fed on its own (principal ingredient) at increased levels alongside roughage and a mineral and vitamin supplement such as HYGAIN® BALANCED® or HYGAIN® SPORTHORSE® ensuring a fully balanced diet.