AgriSea Animal Health Tonic 2L

AgriSea Animal Health Tonic 2L
AgriSea Animal Health Nutrition is made up from the New Zealand native seaweed species (Ecklonia Radiata), and herbs which contains a complex range of bio-available minerals and nutrients to support Animal Health.

Use AgriSea Animal Health Tonic as a nutritional supplement to maintain general health and as a nutritional boost during periods of stress.

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AgriSea Animal Health Tonic has produced some exceptional results after being administered to stressed animals.

Directions for use:

Helps to settle temperament and assists with general health.

For health maintenance: add to dry feed at the ratio of 1:40

Horses in work & Broodmares: Add 10ml to feed.

For a nutritional boost: 30ml concentrate per day for 3 days and then maintain as above.

Minerals and Trace Elements

Boron 3.7 ppm

Calcium 80 ppm

Magnesium 70 ppm

Manganese 0.58 ppm

Cobalt 12 ppm

Copper 2 6ppm

Iodine 108 ppm

Nitrogen 0.04 ppm

Iron 6 ppm

Phosphorous 35 ppm

Potassium 98 ppm

Selenium 0.09 ppm

Sodium 350 ppm

Sulphur as Sulphate 175 ppm

Zinc 31 ppm

Alginates 625 g/kg


Vitamin A; B1; B2; B3; B5; C; E; Carotene; Choline: Pantoene

Amino Acids

Aspartate 5.171

Glutamate 0.747

Asparagine 1.141

Glutamine 0.733

Serine 0.621

Histidine 0.548

Phenylalanine 0.717

Proline 0.683

Alanine 3.974

Arganine 0.583


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