MYCOBIND plus 1kg

MYCOBIND plus 1kg
Mycobind Plus is a Pro-Biotic Mycotoxin Binder & Gut Conditioner containing Vitamin B and Amino Acids.

With over 400 known mycotoxins in our enviroment, a toxin binder that is broad spectrum is imperative for the health of our horses & livestock.

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$ NZ 39.99 tax incl.

MYCOBIND Plus is a natural product with a combination of modified glucomannans from yeast cell wall and a specifically selected mineral binder.

MycoBind presents additional nutritional values through a source of Vitamin B and essential amino acids that enhance:

Appetite ŸFeed intake

Ÿ Improves Digestion Ÿ

Reduces Nerves & Stress

Assists liver function Ÿ Improves growth rates, health & performance


Aluminosilicate: May assist the reduction of bio- availability of toxins in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Bglucans: Aids to strengthen & protect natural defense system.

Ponies 350kg 4gms

Horses 500kg 5gms

Over 500kg 6gms