Orijen Cat & Kitten 340gm bag

Orijen Cat & Kitten 340gm bag


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By nature, all cats are carnivores, possessing a biological need for a diet that's high in protein and rich & varied in meats-not the carbohydrates and grains in conventional pet foods.


High-protein, low-carbohydrate ORIJEN CAT replicates the same rich and diverse balance of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses that your cat would encounter in a wilderness setting.


Made with the highest inclusions of free-run chicken & turkey, whole eggs, and wild-caught freshwater & saltwater fish-all farmed or fished within our region and delivered FRESH (never frozen) each day,-ORIJEN CAT is bursting with protein-packed, human-grade meats (minimum 75%) that form a Biologically Appropriate diet, and none of the grains or carbohydrates that are inappropriate for your cat.


Instead of cereal grains, ORIJEN delivers a full complement of regional fruits and vegetables-russet potatoes, peas and black currants from prairie farms, red delicious apples and cranberries from interior orchards, and organic sea vegetables hand-harvested from Vancouver's Pacific tidal range.


Fresh, never-frozen salmon are caught off North Vancouver Island and provide a superb, Biologically Appropriate source of Omega-3s (DHA and EPA) that nutritionally support a vibrant skin and hair coat-your cat's outer symbol of health and vitality.


Bridging the gap between good nutrition and peak health are ORIJEN's veterinarian selected botanicals, including dandelion root, sweet fennel and peppermint leaf-all of which mirror the natural instinct to forage for grasses, while serving to nourish and tone your cat's digestive tract.


Made exclusively in our family-operated, award-winning factory, Biologically Appropriate ORIJEN is a natural and delicious way to assure the peak health and happiness of your cat-no matter what the breed or size.


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